Chapel of Nabbuan Viejo-70s


It was barely a week after the arrival of the La Salette Missionaries in Isabela when the people of Aurora sent three delegates to Santiago asking for a priest. It was only in March,1950 that regular mass was said in Aurora every two weeks. In 1951, it was erected as a parish with Fr. Paul Douillard as the first parish priest. Roxas became the mission of this newly erected parish.


Cabatuan started as a mission of the parish of San Mateo. Mass was said in this town once a month, even when there were only six people attending the mass. Finally in 1954, it became a parish with Fr. Alphonse Lachapelle as the first official parish priest. In 1955, Luna became its mission.


The first La Salette missionary who went to Roxas was Fr. Blanchet on February 28, 1949. It was in November, 1957 that it was separated from the parish of San Isidro, Aurora, Isabela when it was erected as a parish with Fr. Emery DesRochers as the first official parish priest. Mallig and Quezon were taken care of by parish of Our Lady of La Salette, Roxas, Isabela.


The parish of Gamu was erected in 1962. the first La Salette assigned were Fr. Maurice Cardinal. The rectory was in poor condition and infested with rats. The old Spanish church had fallen down due to the earthquake of 1949.Since 1948, Ramon was a mission of Santiago. It was 1978 that Ramon had a resident priest and it was only March 28, 1981 that the bishop Miguel Purugganan, canonically erected this town into the status of a parish with Fr. Conrad Blanchet as its first official parish priest.


Cordon and San Agustin were taken care of  by the La Salette Missionaries since 1948. In 1959, Cordon was turned over to the CICM Fathers. San Agustin continued to be a mission of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish of Jones, Isabela.


This history outlines the generous dedication and unselfish endeavors of these La Salette Missionaries who covered and served so many territories in spite of their limited number.


This history is also a living witness of so many lay collaborators  in the parishes entrusted to their care. The people opened their hearts and their homes. The people stood by them and supported them. The people served them and cared for them.


This history speaks of dedicated and committed men and women those lives were interwoven to build 11 parishes and two missions, 8 high schools, 1 college, 2 elementary schools, one shrine and two retreat houses.


This historic moment is not meant only for the La Salette Missionaries to remember the past. It also to celebrate the challenge of what is yet to come… the challenge that they be worthy of Mary's call in her apparition at the mountain of La Salette, France:  "Well, my children; make this known to all my people.




Fr. Conrad H. Blanchet, MS


Fr. Paul Douillard, MS


Fr. Raymond Leduc, MS










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